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Staffing and Payroll Loan
For Growing Businesses

Rovedana simplifies hiring, managing and paying your staff so you can get back to business. Find the right talent, get payroll handled by experts, say goodbye to late salary payments and give your employees instant access to early salaries for urgent needs

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HR Without The Fluff

  • Post job vacancies to our over 500K job seeker database
  • Hire anywhere in Nigeria for free, anytime
  • 1 or 1000, add people to your team fast
  • Quickly integrate new employees into your system
  • Get Health Insurance from as low as N1500
  • Process salaries in no time

Rovedana is one of Nigeria's largest Staffing Providers with over 120,000 staff.

Empower Your Employees To Do Their Best Work

- Access to early salaries with friendly interest rates

- Tailored health insurance

- Payslips and letters for visas and other documentation

Never Run Late On Payroll

- Instant access to our proprietary payroll platform for error-free and fast payroll processing.

- Never run late on payroll with top up loans for timely salary payments

See What Matters

- Know how your staff get paid, the benefits they enjoy, the taxes you pay on their behalf and much more Improve your culture faster with periodic employee sentiment reports

You've Got Questions?

We've Got Answers

1. What does rovedana do?

rovedana is a staffing and payroll loan company. We hire, manage pay-roll, offer affordable health benefits to your staff, pay your staff salaries, and offer payroll loans to organizations. For more information go to

2. How long has rovedana been in existence?

rovedana has been providing excellent staffing and payroll loan services for over 5 years.

3. Who is this for?

It is made for small and large organizations that require employees to be managed on behalf of the business owner or HR manager so they can focus on more strategic business activities.

4. I have an HR but I want to do only recruitment. Is that possible?

Our package is all in one so we might not be able to accomodate for only recruitment. However, you can check all the features of the product and use us so your HR can handle strategic HR matters for your organization.

5. How do I contact someone in the staffing team?

Please click on and fill in the form to request a call. After successful registration you will be contacted by our customer support team.

1. Can you manage my staff?

Yes, we can.

2. What are the benefits of rovedana managing my staff?

- Recruitment is free!
- Good and affordable healthcare package for your staff
- Visibility to access all details and documents of your onboarded staff through our proprietary software.
- Dedicated HR partner for you and People Operations associate for your staff.
- Your staff can enjoy access to staff loans before salary day.
- Prompt payment of staff salary even if you don’t have up to 100% of the total payroll cost.

3. I have a high employee turnover. How can you help?

We understand this. With what your staff will enjoy under our platform, your employee turnover can be reduced. Also, we have a pipeline of talent to fill up vacant roles and the recruitment is for free!

4. Some of my employees are underperforming, but I do not want to replace them.

Access to good healthcare, dedicated people operations teams, loans to staff and prompt payment of staff salaries can bring the best out of your talent. I think you should try us and see for yourself.

1. Can you help me recruit?

Yes, we can help you recruit competent and talented people from across the country. No matter where your organization is, we can help you find the right talent that you need. This comes along with the staffing solution and the recruitment is for free.

2. How soon can the candidate start work in my organization?

As soon as you are satisfied with the candidate and they meet all your requirements.

3. I’m not sure about my candidates, can I have a second interview with them?

Yes, you can. We want to be sure that you are completely satisfied before you hire.

4. What if I do not like any of the candidates presented to me?

We will source new candidates for you. We have a wide selection of candidates so this is not a problem.

5. Is there a probationary period for the candidates?

We do not decide this for our clients. We do advise our clients to give new employees a period to settle in.

1. I need a loan to pay my employees, but the interest rates are too high for me.

rovedana offers payroll loans at a very attractive interest rate. We understand how important it is to pay your employees and we do not want you to deal with high interest rates.

2. What is the interest rate for rovedana Payroll Loan?

It is just 3% of the total loan amount

3. How long do I have to pay my loan off?

The tenor is for 2 weeks.

4. What are the requirements for applying for the Payroll Loan?

- Your bank statement
- 6 months of regular salary payments as when due.
- The loan amount available is maximum of 50% of your total payroll cost.

You Are In Good Hands


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Rovedana is my employer of record. They manage my compliance seamlessly.
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Rovedana finds me the best candidates when and how I need them.
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Salaries in NGN or USD, Rovedana ensures pay my staff on time
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When it comes to updated information on my staff at any point in time, I can get that information by the click of a mouse
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I love your service. Your customer service is top-notch. My staff love it."