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Staffing and Payroll
For Businesses

Rovedana offers hiring, payroll, benefits and compliance for your local or remote employees based in Africa.

Hire New Staff For Free

Employer of Record Without The Fluff

  • Access our database of qualified professionals
  • Hire anywhere in Africa for free, anytime
  • 1 or 1000, add people to your team fast
  • Quickly integrate new employees or contractors into your system
  • Get Affordable Health Insurance from the largest network of HMOs
  • Process salaries, Pension and Compliance in no time

Rovedana is one of Nigeria's largest Staffing Providers with over 120,000 staff.

Empower Your Employees and Contractors Anywhere

- Access to early salaries

- Tailored health insurance and other benefits

- Easily accessible documentation

Never Run Late On Payroll

- Instant access to our proprietary payroll platform for error-free and fast payroll processing.

- Never run late on payroll with top-up loans for timely salary payments

See What Matters

- Know how your staff get paid, the benefits they enjoy, the taxes you pay on their behalf and much more Improve your culture faster with periodic employee sentiment reports

You've Got Questions?

We've Got Answers

1. What does rovedana do?

rovedana is a staffing and payroll company. We hire, manage payroll, and ensure compliance of your staff in Africa.

2. How long has rovedana been in existence?

rovedana has been providing excellent staffing and payroll services for over 5 years.

3. Who is this for?

It is made for organizations that require an employer of record for their employees anywhere in Africa. We handle the staff management and compliance in a breeze.

5. How do I contact someone in the staffing team?

Please fill this form we will reach out or call us on +234 813 412 9510 or +1 737 240 1882. You can learn more about us by visiting our knowledge base

1. Can you manage my staff?

Yes, we can. We can be your Employer of Record as well as ensure that we need all regulatory requirements.

2. What are the benefits of rovedana managing my staff?

- Recruitment is free!
- Good and affordable healthcare package for your staff
- Visibility to access all details and documents of your onboarded staff through our proprietary software.
- Perfect and effective regulatory compliance of all year round
You can learn more about us by visiting our knowledge base

1. Can you help me recruit?

Yes, we can help you recruit competent and talented people from across Africa. We also offer recruitment for free when we manage your employees or contractors.

2. What if I do not like any of the candidates presented to me?

We will source new candidates for you. We have a wide selection of candidates so this is not a problem. You can learn more about us by visiting our knowledge base

1. What does it mean you are working with PEO/EOR provider?

We use a single PEO/EOR provider on the backend to have coverage in 130+ countries from day one, but over time we’ll be moving over to our own entities in countries where we have the highest volume. It’s not a three-party agreement where we’re an agent for the PEO/EOR, but we like to be transparent and disclose that we work with one behind the scenes. Pricing-wise, we can negotiate better terms with our PEO/EOR partner because of the number of employees we support.

2. PEO vs. EOR What’s the Difference?

A PEO is a professional employer organization. PEOs provide HR benefits to small and mid-size companies. This can include payroll and benefits, HR, tax, and regulatory compliance.

An EOR is an employer of record. These organizations do all the things a PEO can do plus become the official company that hires your workers. This is a huge point of differentiation between the two types of services. An EOR is a legal employer, and they hold all of the liabilities of hiring, employing, and terminating workers.

You Are In Good Hands


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Rovedana is my employer of record. They manage my compliance seamlessly.
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Rovedana finds me the best candidates when and how I need them.
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Salaries in NGN or USD, Rovedana ensures pay my staff on time
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When it comes to updated information on my staff at any point in time, I can get that information by the click of a mouse
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I love your service. Your customer service is top-notch. My staff love it."