Solutions that work with your business
Streamline the approach to your most challanging business processes with rovedana's solutions that provide support across your employee lifecycles.
Staff Management
Time Map
Bookkeeping & Accounting
rovedana's bookkeeping and accounting solution is all about allowing you get more done. When you combine our expertise with your passion, your business has incredible power to manage its finances, block leakages, and remain cash-flow positive.
Staff Management
When you sign up to our staff management solution, we absorb most of your daily employee-related administration, ensuring your business is compliant with HR statutory demands, while you maintain complete control over your workforce and operations.
Health Insurance
You already judge many things don't add Health coverage to the list. We struck a big deal so you don't have to. Get started for as low as ₦2, 000 per month.
Time map
Time Map is rovedana's proprietary real-time tracking application that tells you when and what your employees are working on. Spend less time tracking and more time growing.
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Our practice will assist your business in all forms of operational management so you can increase your productivity and reduce overall costs.
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