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How does HR360 work?

Bring your multi-country people ops under one roof!

Victoria is the CEO of Trolleys Supermart (Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa). She is located in New York. Victoria hired Kelvin, a store manager in Nairobi (Kenya) to manage her business and also hire 15 others to work with him.

Victoria uses HR360 to provide Kelvin with a locally compliant work contract , benefits, and insurance stipulated by local employment laws with the help of our local partner offices across Africa. At the end of the month, Victoria easily pays salary to all her 46 employees across 3 different countries within minutes through HR360. Victoria is happy!

Employee Management

Manage your employees and employee documents without hassle!


Run error-free payroll with pinpoint accuracy in just 3 clicks!


Reward your employees with benefits packages easily and watch employee productivity skyrocket.


Easily analyze your HR data and make strategic decisions that impact your people and organization.

HR Advice on Demand

Get access to expert HR advice and support from industry experts..

Document Warehousing

Manage all of your employee data and information in one organized and secured HR database.


Get access to a range of skills & expertise to meet your specific demands.


Set your people up for success from the start. Ensure your employee onboarding process is organized and efficient.

Juicy Features For You

See how well your business is doing at a glance

Get instant actionable business insights at a glance. Evaluate your HR data and make strategic, proactive decisions that impact your people and your organization’s bottom live positively.

Rovedana customer Matchless Builds

All my employees have uploaded their documents

We’ll keep Adebayo’s signed documentssecurely stored online.
Integrated Platform

Employee management has never been easier

The ultimate dashboard for all your employee data. Digitally onboard new-hires, securely store employee documents, find critical information in seconds, and manage your employees with ease.

All my employees have uploaded their documents

We’ll keep Adebayo’s signed documentssecurely stored online.

Plans Built For You

Our flexible plans help businesses like yours grow with confidence. Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.

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