HR Outsourcing
At rovedana, we provide a range of flexible HR intervention for organisations seeking to outsource either a specialized service or their HR functions. As a start-up looking to grow or a large corporation seeking to improve efficiency and productivity, our HR solution are tailored to ensure that your business runs with more support and less risk.
We can manage your contingent workforce in a vendor neutral environment separate from your workstation, as well as provide operational management of entire departments while you focus on what matters most – your core business.
We work collaboratively with our clients seeking to understand the organization, its drivers, culture and objectives.
Working with us you are guaranteed
Support and expertise that ensure your employee perform optimally and stay motivated.
Guidance and advice through everyday HR issues while keeping you abreast of latest development as it concerns HR and your industry of operation.
Access to a range of skills and expertise to meet your specific/increasing demands
Compliance and good practice with all statutory bodies while managing relationship with third party service providers
Increased employee engagement and continuous performance evaluation with the support of supervisors/team leads
Trusted by the best companies in Africa
Our practice will assist your business in all forms of operational management so you can increase your productivity and reduce overall costs.
Want to see how it works?