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BookAid takes care of your bookkeeping from start to finish so you can focus 100% on making your business succeed.

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How BookAid works

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We get you set up

First, we’ll provide you with a competent chartered accountant that you’ll work with. They’ll get to understand the uniqueness of your business.

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Run a detailed business analysis

We run a detailed business analysis to identify your business needs and determine the best solutions to any business problems.

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We do your bookkeeping

Every month, your account manager gets to work on your books. You’ll get financial reports to let you keep track of your business performance.

What You Are Getting


Payment & Tax Administration

We take responsibility for the majority of your payroll and tax payment and also keep and provide accurate and complete records in respect to payroll & tax management.

We understand how important it is to stay compliant with payroll and tax regulations, so we manage your payroll and tax administration following best practices and ensure your business stays complaint.


Advisory & Protection

We offer expert accounting support & advice to ensure your business stays complaint and is in full grasp of the numbers that matter.

Your business needs an accurate financial picture to make smart business decisions. We offer you expert advice on the best accounting practices and software for your business, so you have every detail you need to make strategic decisions.


Your Own Financial Expert

We understand that business finances can be very confusing and daunting. You will definitely have a lot of questions to ask so we will provide a dedicated account manager.

Your account manager will be at your office to handle tedious financial tasks and take the bookkeeping stress off you. The account manager will handle your books each month and will also be available to answer your questions and guide you through any concerns you have.

Why Businesses Choose BookAid?

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkeeping is an integral part of any business, so we understand if you have any questions and we’re ready to answer them. We have answers to common questions in our FAQ, but feel free to ask us any specific questions you might have.

→ Can I have access to reports on a Quarterly Basis instead of Monthly because I don’t normally have many transactions on a monthly basis?

Yes, with BookAid you can get access to quarterly reports instead of monthly, only if you have the ability to provide the adequate and necessary information that will be needed for the preparation of the Quarterly Financial statement.

→ How does the accounts outsourcing process work?

There will be an offline certified Accountant who will handle the preparation of the financial statements for the company and give financial advice on financial performance on a monthly basis so as to monitor the performance of the business in financial terms and advice appropriately.

→ If I’m required to send my bank statements to a BookAid accountant, how safe are my details?

Very safe, high level of Confidentiality is guaranteed, since a certified Accountant will be handling your books.

→ What are the other benefits BookAid brings if I have an In-house Accountant?

A lot of benefits:

- Reduction in existing cost on account personnel

- Giving business and financial advice on strategies to implement to expand the business

- Reporting on the financial performance on a monthly basis to spot any changes in performance level

- Facilitating your business to be tax compliance